Welcome to the WSU GPA calculator.
This calculator has been designed to calculate the credits you need to improve your current Grade Point Average.

To use the calculator follow these steps:

1. Enter the number of graded credit hours you have completed (including "F" but NOT including incompletes (I) or withdrawals (W)), your current GPA, and your desired GPA.

2. Hit the calculate button.

The computer will calculate how many credits of a specific GPA you need to reach your desired GPA.


Completed Credits:
(use attempted credits
if higher than completed)

 (e.g., 90)
Current GPA:  (e.g., 3.275)
Desired GPA:  (e.g., 3.5)
Hours at A :
Hours at A- :
Hours at B+ :
Hours at B :
Hours at B- :
Hours at C+ :
Hours at C :
Hours at C- :
Hours at D+ :
Hours at D :
Hours at D- :
Hours at F :